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Company Interface Roles

Role UCAA Role Name Privileges
Analyst/Examiner UCAA_COMPANY_ANALYST_EXAMINER Start New UCAA Application
View Existing UCAA Application


UCAA_COMPANY_MANAGER Complete Existing UCAA application
Amend Existing UCAA Application

UCAA Functionality Privileges Defined

Industry (Company) side

Function Definition
Checklist Functionality Access all E forms ( Either Edit or View)
Perform 6 attachments from checklist. ( Minimum Paid In Capital & Surplus requirements, Name
Approval, Narrative, Holding Company Form B Registration Statement, Statutory Membership,
Business Character Reports)
Download/Print Electronic forms
Send Email
View Email
Finish Application
Check Status
Start New UCAA Application Ability to create (edit) a filing before submission (pressing finish button). Includes all checklist functionality except finish application.
Complete Existing UCAA Application Ability to edit and view an existing filing, and submit the filing. Includes all checklist functionality
View Existing UCAA Application Ability to view the current version of a submitted filing, no edit capabilities. Checklist functionality will include access to all E forms in view mode as well as the ability to download/print all E forms. Status of the filing will also be accessible.
Amend Existing UCAA Application Ability to create a new version of a submitted filing (Amend) This implies edit capabilities as well as the ability to submit (finish button) a filing which has already been previously submitted. Includes all checklist functionality.